I am a PhD candidate in Department of Computer Science at Rutgers University. Before coming to Rutgers, I obtained my Bachelor degree from Northeastern University in China. I am working with Professor Desheng Zhang. I am also a visiting student at MIT Media Lab working with Professor Alex 'Sandy' Pentland.

My research interests are broadly in the areas of Data Science, Cyber-Physical Systems, and Machine Learning. My current work is focused on human behavior driven urban systems and applications.

Email: yuyang94 AT mit.edu OR yu.yang AT rutgers.edu

I am now on the job market. Please contact me if you are interested in my work.

Recent News

  • Jan. 2021: Working as a visiting student of MIT Media Lab with Prof. Alex 'Sandy' Pentland.
  • Nov. 2020: 1 Paper accepted by TMC.
  • Sep. 2020: Receive UbiComp Audience Award for Best-in-Session Presentation.
  • Aug. 2020: Receive Student Registration Award from KDD 2020.
  • Aug. 2020: 1 Paper accepted by MobiCom' 20.
  • Jul. 2020: 1 Paper accepted by NSDI' 21.
  • Jun. 2020: 1 Paper accepted by ACM IMWUT (UbiComp 2020).
  • Jan. 2020: A new paper will appear at ACM IMWUT (UbiComp 2020).
  • Jun. 2019: Visiting Alibaba Group, Local Service BU hosted by Prof. Tian He.
  • Apr. 2019: Cheers! Passed my qualifying exam!
  • Apr. 2019: A new paper is accepted by ACM IMWUT (UbiComp 2019).